Fondaco dei Tedeschi // OMA

invasioni [pervasioni]

First constructed in 1228, and located at the foot of the Rialto Bridge overlooking the fish market, the Fondaco dei Tedeschi is one of Venice’s largest and most recognizable buildings. Twice destroyed by fire and rebuilt (in its current form in 1506), manipulated in the 18th Century, and then subject to a series of radical architectural interventions in the 20th Century to accommodate the central post office under the fascist regime, the Fondaco quietly embodies Venice’s secret brutality. Almost entirely reconstructed with modern concrete technology during 1930s, the Fondaco is a historical palimpsest of modern substance, its preservation spanning five centuries of construction techniques. Regardless of the history of its adaptations (towers removed, courtyard covered with glass, windows added, structure rebuilt …) and the objective lack of authenticity of its structure, its legal status of ‘monument’ (granted in 1987) forbade almost any change.

Undergone a renovation project started in 2010…

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