Trobairitz: The Lady Composers of Medieval France

A Dollop of History

I’ve divided this article into two parts. 

Part One will give you the background information you’ll need to fully appreciate Part Two. Context is everything! If you already know what a troubadour is, feel free to skip ahead to Part Two.

Part Two is where the really good stuff is. It can be read alone, but I would suggest reading Part One first if you’re not very familiar with medieval or music history.


Part One: The Medieval Musician

Think about everything you know about medieval musicians. Dig deep. Picture it.  What image first comes to mind?

Perhaps you’re thinking of a bard or minstrel in a tavern, plucking away on a lute singing songs of love and chivalry? If so, you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, though modern depictions of these minstrels in movies, books and video games only capture a tiny (and highly romanticized) piece of the music world of the Middle Ages. The real story is…

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