Exploring Republic Polytechnic

I love Vadding and I love exploring. Regardless of whether the place is in ruins or not…


Since my exploration at Singapore Polytechnic, I decided to pop into another polytechnic – Republic Polytechnic.


Republic Polytechnic is the fifth polytechnic to be built in Singapore, which makes it the youngest among the others.


Every building is white there. Everything is so clean and minimal on the outside. As I went there on the last day of school (before term break), there weren’t many people, making it really good for taking minimalistic photographs.


However, I would not suggest photographers to go to the SIT at Republic Polytechnic, because I was chased out by the security guard twice. I’m not really sure why I can’t take photographs there.


If you look inside Republic Polytechnic, you’ll realize that it’s actually quite a colourful school. There are quirky stairwells (which I cannot find) and spiral staircases.


There is also a ‘hole’ which many instagrammers would stop to take photos with it.



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