Here, There, Everywhere: Hanny Kusumawati on Travel, Writing, and Indonesia

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Hanny Kusumawati, a writer in Indonesia, blogs about travel, but also love, writing, and life. Many posts on her blog, Beradadisini, look and feel like scrapbook or journal pages, while her snapshots are intimate and nostalgic, as if you’re browsing the photographs of a close friend’s most recent adventures. Here, Hanny talks about writing, blogging in English and Indonesian, and taking pictures.

Can you tell us the story behind your blog name,  Beradadisini?

Beradadisini is a self-hosted WordPress site, powered by Jetpack.

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12647313_10153430423331134_1971571017994506133_nThe name originates from Berada di sini. In Indonesian, di sini means “here” and berada in this context means “being available.” Together, they mean “being here.” I came up with this name in my twenties, when I set up a Gmail address that linked to my blog. I thought beradadisini would be nice, as if I was saying…

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