Tragedy 101: Aeschylus

My favorite ancient Greek playwright

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Aeschylus is one of earliest Greek playwrights that we know of today, writing in the 5th
century BC, he is also known as the founder of Greek drama. Out of the 80 plays he wrote in his lifetime, only 7 survive today, but from this, we can see how Greek drama has progressed over the years (As you dear reader will hopefully find out in future blog posts about Sophocles and Euripides!).


Context of Greek Tragedy: Greek plays (Both comedy and tragedy) were performed for Dionysus at the Dionysian festival in Athens, mainly around in the 5th century BC. As this was a religious event, it meant that it was compulsory for every Athenian citizen theatre-dionysusto go (Debate as to whether women and other non-citizens went or not), which then shows how important drama was to ancient Athens. Tragedies were usually based around my

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