I’m still not sure if this is satire or not (I know nothing of this website), and I’m no fan of most modern actors, so there is that too. Don’t get me wrong on that score.

And I don’t know crap about this guy, personally or as an actor, and never watched Breaking Bad as I tend to have a personal animus against criminals and terrorists and that ilk, including fictional ones. Their behavior doesn’t impress me, it infuriates and disgusts me.

But one thing I do very much admire about actors in general (as a profession) is the fact that so many of them are willing to take “heavy and substantial roles” (if they can get em) and they are also willing to take on light, humorous, and pop-culture roles just for the fun involved, or just for the hell of it.

The second thing I greatly admire about actors (and as a profession actors rate right down there on my scorecard with modern athletes and both barely above journalists and politicians – but credit where credit is due in this case) is that they will work numerous projects at once, some of them practically simultaneously. They don’t sit around crying or whining or bitching about lost or missed opportunities, but rather work several projects at once, some to great effect. And if you just keep hammering at success like that, in that way, then sooner or later you’re almost bound to score and score big. To forge a masterpiece, and a real career.

So if others think you have to be “great and upper crust” in your every action (or project), and if others bemoan the fact that so little is happening for them while you’re out busting your ass at numerous projects, then so what? Screw em.

Work. Keep involved. Stay busy. Engage in several things at once if you can. Do important and weighty things and when you wish, do fun and enjoyable things (assuming they are even more fun than the important things, and occasionally they just might be).

In these two things at least a lot of people and a lot of professions (writers, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, etc.) could learn a lot from actors.

There, I said it.

Deal with it.

In case you hadn’t heard, they’re making a new Power Rangers movie. It could even be classified as, gasp, a reboot, seeing as Elizabeth Banks… 250 more words

via Bryan Cranston Goes for the Oscar as Zordon in New ‘Power Rangers’ Film — Flavorwire


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