Awe, Like a Cave

Well observed. And I very much appreciated her honesty, because I too feel that modern men (and women) only very rarely feel true awe anymore. Well, modern men and women of the West anyway.

Perhaps this is a fault of the world but I am far more likely inclined to believe this is a fault within us.


The word itself is a vocal exercise.  I remember my choir teachers demanding that we open our mouths like a cave.  Round and tall.  Awe. Awwwwwwwwgh.  Other than that, “awe”  has limited usage in my vocabulary.  Instead, I tend to say the following when met with something interesting, pretty, or impactful.

When I’m riding my bike around sunset,”Dude, look at that sunset! Whoa!” I might say this regardless of the fact that I am biking alone.

When someone tells me something very surreal, “Oh man…thats intense…” It slips easily from my lips.  I wouldn’t want to just stand there staring at the person, mouth agape.  That might get a little awkward.

In the event that I am surprised beyond reason I will explode with, “OH Sugar Honey Ice Tea!” or other fun words.

The truth is, I haven’t been in awe in a very long time.


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