PitchWars Query + 10 page Critique Giveaway

Hilary Harwell | A Life Inspired

I was one of the fortunate folks chosen to participate in PitchWars 2015, the well-known contest hosted by the lovely Brenda Drake. Through the contest I met awesome writerly friends and my amazing, insightful mentor, Elly Blake, and her enthusiasm for my project carried me through one of the lower points on my writing rollercoaster. She helped me polish my project, cheered me on, and continues to do so today! (If you write MG you should DEFINITELY sub to her!!) I don’t have the time to dedicate to mentoring for the 2016 contest, but I still want to pay it forward and help out a handful of PitchWars hopefuls this year!

I currently intern for an awesome literary agent – reading her query slush, assessing manuscripts for potential representation, helping prepare client manuscripts for submission, and providing insight on revise and resubmits as well. I’m a regular critique…

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