The Story behind ‘The Crimson Calling’ by Patrick C. Greene

The Story Behind the Book

crimsonAfter my first novel Progeny, I wrote a whole slew of short stories, including a story for each of the Wrapped In… series from Sekhmet Press. Those collections were categorized by color; white for ghosts, black for witches, red for vampires. I already had a story called Nightbound but it needed an extensive re-write. That process was a lot of fun and it made that story my favorite of the three.

Nightbound is a small story, self-contained in what is possibly the recent past, all events occurring in one place. But it is also very much in the same universe as The Crimson Calling, in which vampires are not just mythological creatures but rather a species believed to have gone extinct during the middle ages.

Its relation to The Crimson Calling is the same as King’s short story Captain Tripps is to The Stand; same world, same…

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