It’s Not About You: The Dangers of Self-Centered Internet Marketing


The ads—they interrupt your favorite TV shows, squeeze in between radio tunes, and obstruct the landscape with messages that demand your attention: “Me! Me! Me!”

As consumers, we’ve gotten used to the interruptions of advertising, taking care to make sandwiches during commercials or switch stations to find something better. However, media, entertainment, news, and shopping have taken to the web, where we are the curators of what we see.

The Same Principles No Longer Apply

Perhaps it’s because we are so used to advertising or it could be that very self-curation—or maybe the selfie culture or even the idea that other people care about your food aesthetics—that causes companies, networking professionals, freelancers, and bloggers (and anyone really) who have an audience to make the mistake of posting all about themselves.

Here’s my newest product. Here’s my newest ad. Buy from me… even though I don’t care about you.

Maybe that…

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