Ricketts Glen State Park: The Luxury of an Extra Day


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On my first full day at Ricketts Glen State Park, I photographed more than 90% of the named waterfalls on the Falls Trail.  All but two of the named waterfalls–Mohawk and Oneida Falls, located near the very top of the Ganoga Glen section of Kitchen Creek–had been covered.  Presumably this meant a brief, quick outing at the park the following day.



The worst way, in my opinion, to approach landscape photography is to create a literal or figurative check list of subjects that need to be ticked off.  While there’s nothing wrong with having a set of priorities–I did, in fact, want to photograph all of the falls on the trail–a check list mentality is a virtually certain creativity stifler.  So, while there were a few subjects I definitely wanted to photograph on this day, I was in no hurry.  I wanted to give myself time to…

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