Paradise Lost… Doesn’t Feel Like It Though

One of my favorite books of poetry ever. Milton was also one of the greatest poets the English language ever produced. He was cold and hard though, almost in the way of the Norse Sagas.

Fantasy Raconteur

Today’s Daily Post prompt is forbidden. What a great word to inspire a post about the forbidden fruit of good and evil. Or, more accurately, John Milton‘s epic poem about it.

The first time I heard the title of Milton’s most famous work (sans any synopsis or summary) was in Russian. For some reason, in Russian, the title didn’t strike me as anything unique or unusual. So I forgot about it.

The second time was at some point in high school when I started reading more English literature. Paradise Lost. Not ‘Lost Paradise’. Not ‘Paradise Is Lost’ or anything like that. The two words, Paradise and Lost, in English and in that order, made me see thousands of images in my head, ranging from what the poem actually turned out to be about to a post-apocalyptic plot (haha, imagine any XVII century writer writing in the genre). I set out…

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