Coffee Beans and Folded Pages


“A Darker Shade of Magic” is another one of those titles that I keep seeing in store front windows or at the best-sellers table, so when I finally decided to pick up a copy, I found myself immersed entirely in a world where there are different versions of London, magic, parallel universe travelers, and a girl who hopes to become a pirate.

It was easy to see what the fuss is all about. V.E. Schwab does an amazing job creating a wonderful mix of historical fantasy, exciting adventure, and magical pandemonium. There are three distinctive parallel universes – Grey London is the closest to what we know as reality. Red London is a kingdom where magic is openly practiced and people enjoy peace and prosperity. White London possesses a darker magic, imagine a Dickensian London where people are constantly battling each other for magic and power.

We follow the adventures…

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