Balanced Extremes

Typing in the Shadows

The following is a writing exercise in which I try to describe a character on a single page of one of my smaller notebooks.  In the future I might post more of these, with some focusing on setting or a single moment.

A man of balanced extremes, with little moderation, he stands short in stature, but tall with pride.  Every day he dons professionally-pressed jeans with a cool, sharp blazer, founded on pristine work boots.  Dabs and injections are for fools, he says, as every night he pushes his tolerance with the bottle.  A rush of adrenaline bestows him with the snappiest of one-liners, but he can’t farm the humblest of puns at the most casual of gatherings.

A cursory examination of a room reveals the number of people, weapons, and pencils to his trained eyes.  In a moment, he knows what you stowed away in your bag, the contents…

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