All’s Quiet.

Lights Within the Darkness

Been quite a while since my last painting due to the fact that I was working and didn’t do as much art. But hey! Here’s a new piece, centered around the theme of a dark, 1940s era city night scene.

The Silent City

So, this piece initially did not start out looking the way it is now. Not even close. The composition was completely different, more brightly lit, and somehow deviated too much from what I had in mind. Got stuck quite a few times as well due to the fact that I just didn’t really like how it looked. Hence it was abandoned halfway through and I started again from scratch. Here’s a peek.

The Silenced City (Abandoned)Initial version. Nope.

Glad I sacrificed the work done with the first version and went  ahead with the new composition, as the lighting and feel is more in sync with what I wanted to create. I personally prefer the more…

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