Bono hid in restaurant during Bastille Day attack

I wouldn’t call that hiding. Probably just securing the area until more could be learned. I don’t blame them but my inclination would have been to investigate, discover, and assist if possible.

Then again maybe they thought that lacking proper Intel on the situation the best thing to do was secure the area from a still to occur armed assault.

I can see good points in either direction. My training would tell me, secure and defend. But my habit and inclination would be, investigate, determine, and assist.

Just one of those things that would be a tough call at the moment.

U2 frontman Bono was at a Nice cafe just blocks from where a madman was plowing through crowds of people watching the fireworks for Bastille Day, according to a French report.

The 56-year-old Irish rocker, who owns a house in Eze, was eating dinner with some pals on the terrace of the fancy La Petite Maison on Thursday night when hordes of petrified people started streaming into the streets near the restaurant.

They were fleeing the Promenade des Anglais, where Mohamed Bouhlel mowed down scores of revelers with a 20-ton truck — killing 84 and injuring more than 200.

“Suddenly, I saw people running without shouting,” owner Anne-Laure Rubi told La Parisienne magazine.

Rubi instructed her employees to close the shutters and everyone in the restaurant — including Bono, the former mayor of Nice and celebrity chef Alain Ducasse — hid for about half an hour until…

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