Summative 2 – Perspectives


1) What learning did you bring to this project?  How/where can I see this?

I brought my knowledge of perspectives to the project. Over the  generous amount of time we learned how to do perspectives, I effectively made a two point perspective drawing while incorporating other techniques in my piece.

The drawing of the house I made is supposed to be reminiscent of an architecture drawing. it is modern, precise, clean, and realistic. I used followed points of perspective in my piece to make the drawing as realistic as possible. To create depth, I use elements/principles such a value and lines. In addition, I carefully plotted the shadows to create depth and add realism. As the two lines come ‘closer’ to the viewer, it is easy to tell because of the shading. You can the shading throughout my piece to add realism and depth.

In terms of shading, I used many…

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