World Building Lesson 4 – Breaking the Rules

Always create the rules and always break the rules…

Eileen Maki

Hello Writers!

Happy Sunday to you!

Today’s post is on making rules for your world. Now, when I say your world must have rules, I don’t mean ‘No pushing on the stairs.’ or ‘No picking your nose where others can see you.’ (Although a story in a world with those rules could get interesting!). I mean rules about how the world your characters will move around in operates.

Photo by: svklimkin Photo by: svklimkin

A world needs rules and laws of nature to become three dimensional. For example, if you were writing a story that takes place on another planet than Earth, the reader would need to know what sort of world the story takes place in. Is there gravity? Oxygen? Can inhabitants grow a garden? Eat the wildlife? Is there a water source? Are there planet natives? If so, how do your characters interact with the natives?

In order to become immersed…

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