Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be working very hard to finish up the Pages Section of Wyrdwend (found in the section right below the blog title and image) including the following pages:

Completed Projects
Ongoing Projects
Future Projects
Pitches and Synopses for Agents and Publishers

I had meant to complete and list these pages long ago but have been so busy with my novels, my inventions, and my start ups that I had neglected to do so. But working in my spare time and on the weekends I intend to have all of these pages completed soon and up for display.

At that point anyone will be able to see the projects I have recently completed and which are ready for publication and/or investment/manufacturing/production, the projects I currently have ongoing, and the projects I intend to work in the future or near future. Though these pages will be subject to periodic change, of course, as I complete and fund projects, sell works, develop new works, etc.

Also there will be links to specific projects, other blogs, crowdfunding or investment information, and pitches, synopses, pitch decks, detailed project info, business and career links, and my other sites on the internet and world wide web.

Thank you for your patience and I’ll let you know when these pages are completed.



I Look Forward to Your Reply

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