How We Read: A Photo Journal of Readers (#BookLove) Around the World

The Sanguine Woods


Recently, 726b90abf5da6e5863f81aa3de071f58I came across a collection of photographs showing young adult men reading. As a male, and a devoted book reader myself, I was inspired to see guys reading, actual books, in various places, all over the world. I thought it would be interesting to see if we, in this age of super-fast gadgets and mind-blowing technology, are still having love affairs with books. Not in that quick flip-of-a-newspaper or magazine kind-of way; I wanted to find images in which you could see a grand passion for good books—on the reader’s face; or in a captured gesture; even in the choice of reading location (in an open window, in a little book shop on a corner, in bed, or sitting on the legs of an elephant!).

So I here is my collection. From me to you, fellow reader.

Hopefully we are still a majority in this sky scraper…

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