4th August 1265 A.D. The Battle of Evesham #Onthisday



#Onthisday in history the Battle of Evesham took place on 4th August 1265 A.D. it was one of the two main battles of 13th century England was an important second battle of Barons. This marked the defeat of Simon de Montfort who was the Earl of Leicester and the rebellious barons led by Prince Edward. Who would later become King Edward I he lead the forces of his father, King Henry III, the battle took place near a town known as Evesham which is in Worcestershire.

The battle of Lewes which was a victorious moment for Montfort who gained control of the royal government, but after the defection of several close allies, he was forced to flee and escaped the captivity of prince Edward. After this Montfort was left on the defensive side, forced to engage in a battle against the royalist at Evesham. The Royalist forces were twice as large as his own, the…

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