Serial Killers? In the “Golden Age” of the Crime Novel? … Welcome to ‘The Z Murders’ by J. Jefferson Farjeon.

The Sanguine Woods

Book Cover

Long lost crime novels from the “Golden Era” of the crime novel (1920s, 1930s, 1940s) are now being lovingly reprinted and published by the British Library Crime Classics imprint!

I’m very excited to report that two of these novels, both by a superb author, J. Jefferson Farjeon, are available in ebook format at Amazon. You gotta check them out if you like your crime on the creepy, well-written, literary side. I do.

20160803_165012I blogged recently on the first one of these to be published, Mystery in White. I refer you to that post for some juicy information; accolades on the book by the masters in the field, such as Dorothy Sayers; and a beautifully done “etching-type” front cover, that I kinda fancy (see image)—it depicts a 1937 steam train stranded on the tracks at night in a pile of newfallen snow.

Rumor has it Mystery in White sold so many…

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