Another Backwards Fairytale

michelle writes


There was once a king and his queen who lived happily together. The queen was the most beautiful woman in the world, with golden hair that trailed behind her as she walked. She was so beautiful, in fact, that the king grew jealous and decided to keep her hidden from sight so that she could not be tempted to unfaithfulness. So he banished her to a den under the kitchens, and ordered that she was to dirty her hands and face with soot and wear nothing but rags and the skin of a donkey. The only indulgence he allowed her was her gold wedding band.

For months she toiled away in the kitchens, preparing food for the king and his courtiers. The donkey hide draper over her body like a pungent cloak, but she did not take it off for it was her only warmth in the cold winter. Annoyed…

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