Dream Sellers

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“This your first time mate?”

“To be honest I don’t think it’s any of …”

“Thought so. Can always recognise the first timers. It’s the way you sit there, confident like. Think you’ve got it all under control. If only you knew. So, what you selling?”

“I’d rather not …”

“I bet it’s dreams. It’s always dreams for your first time. That’s how they hook us in. They keep it nice and simple. I mean what’s a few dreams to the likes of you and me. Then there’s the money they’re offering. You’d be daft to say no. Was it their special offer you responded to?”

“Well actually it …”

“Thought so. That’s how they get to most of us. They’ve a knack of knowing who’s in need of a bit of extra cash. I bet you didn’t notice the adverts at first, I know I didn’t. Just sitting their …

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