The gunpowder plot story – contextualising

The Historiographer

Plots unfold in real time and space. Characters walk around in the clothes of their time (mostly), they travel – if travel is required – in whatever way their means and social station allow them and inhabit a world whose technologies are defined by what has been discovered and known and developed before their now. Anachronisms are not permitted.

Before I write I need to know something about the story’s context…

context-diagram Context and its influence in a story…

What was life like in early 17th century England?

Our focus, re the Gunpowder plot, is early 17th century England: let’s think in terms of a sub-set of questions.

  • Who had the power?
  • Was power shared?
  • What was life like for those at the bottom of society, compared with those at the top? (One can always, unfortunately, assume there is a bottom and a top.)
  • What were homes like?
    • Were they heated, did they have sanitary…

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