Welcome to St. Petersburg! Church of Savior Blood…Basically replica of the St. Basil Cathedral

Back in the dark times of the old Soviet Union I had a good friend who lived in Saint Petersburg. At that time it wasn’t called Saint Petersburg.

He used to send me letters all of the time showing various parts of the city. At that time you couldn’t really enter either a cathedral or a church. Without suspicion or arrest. Even assuming there were any open. At that time we were both working, in our own ways, to help bring down the Soviet Union.

And I’m very glad of it. Damn the Soviet Union.

And damn Putin while I’m at it. Not his soul, I don’t damn men’s souls. Not that I have the right or the power to do so anyway. But damn all his soulless, corrupt, and evil work. Damn that sure enough…

Unprofessional reviews of meals & travels

You read my title right. The Church of Savior Blood is basically the replica of the St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow. If you don’t believe me just look at the picture above, and compare it to St. Basil it’s more or less then same. Although I personally found the one in Moscow more grand, since it was part of the red square. But hating on the St. Petersburg version, still very stunning the first time I saw it.

This place is called the “Church of Savior Blood” because one of the emperors (Alexander II) was killed here. The exact place is shown in the picture below:

See that red cross? Yep that’s where he apparently died. Kind of morbid if you ask me.

Oh yeah, I came here because I had some free time on my last day in St Petersburg. The church was walking distance to the hotel so…

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