There is a sunset hall
Far away from here
I’ve seen it dim and small
But in my heart it’s near

It’s empty when I look
No matter, day or night
By everyone forsook
A wasted, ruined sight

Yet in my soul it burns
Dark with bitter tears
For in my mind it churns
Fires still that sear
I wish the light would fade
From all I have seen there
It is an open grave
Ling’ring in the air
It will not go away
That sunset never ends
The stones will not decay
And I cannot defend

Myself from it…

The empty song of it…

The coming night of it…

The wasted flight from it…

If one day you find
Me sitting by the sea
Drowned, but still I’m dry
Despite all you see

Know an empty hall
Sunset, far away
Has found me after all
Or did I go to stay?

Seek it…

Did I go seek it?

The ruined site of it…



There is a sunset hall
Far away from here
Sometimes it will call
From where is never clear
But when I close my eyes
I find my heart within
No matter how I lie
I live there in myself

With it

The sunset never ends…


Yes, the sunset never ends


2 thoughts on “THE SUNSET HALL

    • Thank you. It was written in memoria, and kinda personal. And I’ve been kinda melancholy most of the day because of what it brought back.

      But sometimes that’s life.

      Thank you again though.

      Liked by 1 person

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