What is Happiness?

The Violet City

What is happiness?

My happiness comes in little poems,

Like the eye of the hurricane:

The moment of rest after one chaotic lifetime

And the next.

I’ve spent time hanging

On to every moment,

Capturing what I wanted to be my own.

They told me, “To find true Joy

Follow Christ on the difficult road that leads

To salvation.”

It is not easy, but it is the way

To Truth and Life.

I have sought happiness of my own strength

And have found myself wanting.

I have tangled webs so thick that

I am scared to break them.

I am the one thing between myself and Joy;

Me and my selfish mind

Which wants to run everything for itself.

There is a happiness which is beyond

Yourself, irrational

To the mind,

Which is why I could not grasp it.

It is the happiness of the one

Who seeks God and…

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