“A modern investigation is simply another way of saying that nothing of any real importance will ever be truly resolved, nor anyone of any real consequence ever tried or convicted.

Therefore fuck their investigation. I’m after Justice, and if possible the prevention of future evil. Let them investigate. If they wish to do so. That will keep them out of my way effectively enough.

As for me I have an entirely different goal. And the intent to go with it.

We’ll see in the end who has the most success. But if I were a betting man Maugham I’d run the table.

Because God-damnit, and you know I mean this, I’m gonna run the fucking table.”

And as he listened to his friend a sort of weird and horrific chill ran up Maugham’s spine.

from The Detective Steinthal

2 thoughts on “RUNNING THE TABLE

  1. ‘A modern investigation.’ I’m not sure if you wrote these words after the fact, but they say a lot about the present Russian Debacle at the White House. Investigation is another name for ‘Let’s wait and see.”


    • I wrote them. And although the cases are different in the story I wrote (my detective is working an organized criminal case with an involved set of murders), I was also definitely making a commentary upon all modern investigations. Criminal, political, etc…

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