I rewrote the old song Aileen Aroon (something I will do on occasion) to create my own particular lyrical version. I followed the traditional arrangement (in meter, cadence, and rhythm) up to a point and then modified that arrangement to create this version. The lyrics vary rather widely from the older and more traditional versions.

Experiments like this make me a better poet and songwriter.


When your fair heart
Arose – a Rose
Beauty by youth
Enclosed – reposed
Where our first love did stem
No loss could ever dim
Hopeless would not condemn,
Aileen Aroon

What of your face – your eyes – to I?
Lost in this place – your sighs – to I?
Is it your voice I hear,
Whispers I held so dear
Where is our ancient cheer?
Aileen Aroon

This day is passed
Aileen Aroon
Our secrets at last
Aileen Aroon
Love had her better way
Our hearts so long astray
What now can either say?
Aileen Aroon

I know a valley fair
Aileen Aroon
She once led me there
Aileen Aroon

Deep in that valley’s shade
Long slept my restless maid,
Her heart by love unmade
Aileen Aroon!

Where is the moon?
Aileen Aroon
Does it come soon?
Aileen Aroon

Lost in this fading light
Grows a forever night,
One that is never bright
Aileen Aroon

Oh, what a waiting maid
Heavy the sorrow made
When you to I abade
Aileen Aroon!

Who in their song – so weeps – so sweet?
Whoever’s strong – does seek – is meek
Dear are your charms to me
Deep as the churning sea
Longing in constancy
Aileen Aroon!

Were you never due
Aileen Aroon
The fault lies not with you
Aileen Aroon
I left my only heart unmade
Lost then to my gentle maid
Who now gives any aid –
Aileen Aroon?

Youth must to time – decay – away
Time must to you – this way – give way
Yet still my heart is true
Suffers no loss of you,
When will this night be through?
Aileen Aroon…