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I have been extremely busy in this latter part of the summer.

Shuttling my wife around throughout the state, to Charleston and Columbia and elsewhere, so that she could make presentations and speeches for her company.

Getting my oldest daughter moved back into college.

Homeschooling my youngest child.

Working on my novels and start ups.

And preparing for Hell Week (more on that later).

Not much time for blogging.

Nevertheless I am hopeful things will calm down again soon.

So, I appreciate your patience.



I’ve been absent from blogging for the past few months for a number of reasons. Including being very busy with my business,  to attend to personal matters (homeschooling my youngest daughter, helping my wife advance in her public speaking career and new job, clearing land, rehabbing my wrist, etc.), and in order to write my novels and books. But I’m going to try and slowly return to blogging as I seek an agent for my writings and investors for my business ventures and inventions.


I have been noticeably absent from blogging lately due to a series of very unfortunate vents. First I had a severe stomach virus, then I had to have a wisdom tooth removed, and then in an accident I broke my wrist severely enough I had to have corrective surgery.

Nevertheless I am out of the cast now and undergoing rehabilitation. And although typing with my wrist is still very difficult and sometimes painful I’m on the mend.

So please excuse my absence.

I am returning this week.



To all of my fellow countrymen: I want to wish you a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. May you remember well the many blessings you enjoy, have a great time with your family and friends today, and may you and yours thrive for the rest of this year and throughout the next year.

God Bless and prosper you personally, and this nation as a whole.

To my many family and friends serving in the military and overseas, stay safe, have a Great Thanksgiving, and come home safe and sound again. I appreciate what you’re doing. And the difficulty of your sacrifice.

Enjoy your holiday everyone.

I would also like to thank all of my readers for their support with this new blog. Which is only a few months old but which I am very much enjoying building day by day.

As for my other readers around the world, no matter where you are, I hope that I have been providing you with interesting, informative, and useful articles, essays, pieces, and posts. I hope that I am both writing and sharing with you the kinds of things that you like to read, and which you find beneficial and useful.

I will strive to do even better in the future.

God Bless and prosper you all as well.


It’s only a starting point anyway. With focus and practice you’re liable to become much, much better over time. You don’t improve at anything sans practice.

Nobody reading your blog? 10 reasons to persist!


For those of you familiar with blogging I have a question to ask. I’d like to solicit your advice.

I have four blogs, one is my personal blog, one is my literary blog, one is my business and invention blog, and one is my gaming and design blog.

Three of my blogs are on WordPress, one is on Blogger. When each is old enough and well established enough (I just started them a couple of months back) each will go private, but for now they are hosted.

So here is my question: of these two platforms, WordPress and Blogger, which is better for building your audience and which is better overall if your aim is blog success to support your business and writing enterprises?

At this stage of my blog development process which do you think is the superior platform?

Which do you recommend, and why? Your advice is appreciated.


If you are hiding things from your audience when you write then you are not really a writer – you are a censor and a self-censor.


The Men of the (modern) West want a Sally Knight to ride forth and do Good and Justice in the world. It’s just that most of them always want to be the Sally, never the Knight.


It readily occurs to modern man to automatically doubt everything and everyone at all times, except of course, his own doubts at any time.

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