Do Readers Really Prefer Their Dusty Old Paperbacks To E-Books? The E-Book Industry By The Numbers

Today, 23 percent of all male adults and 33 percent of all female adults in the United States read e-books. In fact, the global e-book industry is worth a whopping $8.5 billion.

This still pales in comparison to global print’s $53.9 billion so it’s little surprise readers still prefer holding those dusty old paperbacks. 46 percent of U.S. Internet users said they only read printed books while 15 percent read more e-books than printed books. A mere 6 percent of Internet users said they exclusively read their books in electronic format.

What does all that mean for the industry? Are e-books going to be the final nails in the coffin of conventional brick and mortar bookstores in the near future? Far from it. The pace of the digital revolution has slackened with e-book sales growth falling to just 5 percent in the U.S. 2013. Revenue has also stagnated at just over $3 billion…


Tonight I am working on both my song lyrics (I am now up to a count of about 120 songs written – in various genres and styles) and I am working on outlining the new e-Books I am soon to be writing. That is to say I am outlining the chapters of a couple of the non-fiction e-Books I am soon to start writing. If I have time this evening I will also transcribe a poem I wrote yesterday and to further develop a couple of new short stories I’ve just started writing.
My Cure plan proceeds apace and my progress is extremely good. As a matter of fact my Cure is so far ahead of schedule that in the first week of September (the day after Labor Day) I plan to return to my full and normal work schedule, including returning to my regular blog posting schedule. Although I have been working a couple of projects in background this entire time primarily I have been concentrating upon my Cure Plan. But I feel so good and my Cure is developing so rapidly I’m going back to work early, although I’ll continue with the Cure until it is fully and ultimately effective.
Have a good evening folks.


I’m no fan of the Da Vinci Code but a bunch of free Bestsellers sounds fine by me.

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