I have been noticeably absent from blogging lately due to a series of very unfortunate vents. First I had a severe stomach virus, then I had to have a wisdom tooth removed, and then in an accident I broke my wrist severely enough I had to have corrective surgery.

Nevertheless I am out of the cast now and undergoing rehabilitation. And although typing with my wrist is still very difficult and sometimes painful I’m on the mend.

So please excuse my absence.

I am returning this week.


MY (painfully) EARLY WEEKEND

I am reading a book called Story Physics by Larry Brooks which I am not only finding immensely enjoyable, but enormously beneficial and useful. I’ll discuss that in detail later.

I have also been reading my new Dungeon Master’s Guide, in great detail, page by page, and quite slowly. Again, I’ll discuss that later.

At the library yesterday I got several new books to read: two new Spook’s Apprentice (Last Apprentice) books, The Fury of the Seventh Son, and A New Darkness.

(A New Darkness is supposedly about a female Spook named Jenny – I’m looking forward to reading about a Spook who is a chick, wondering how she will deal with various evil creatures, especially the physically powerful ones. For those who don’t know, these books are written by Joseph Delaney and are my very favorite set of modern children’s books short of the Harry Potter books. Mainly because Delaney’s books are so gritty and down to Earth and even realistic given the fictional subject matter. And to tell you the truth, if I lived in such a world, I’d be a Spook.)

I also got a book entitled Dangerous Women, edited by GRR Martin and Gardner Dozois, and about, you guessed it, dangerous women. I got it primarily because it has a novella by Martin on the death of King Viserys Targaryen, the end of the dragons (in Westeros), and the resulting civil war which led up to the Game of Thrones. I often find the events prior to the Game of Thrones books (such as the Dunk and Egg stories) to be far more interesting than the GOT books. However, it looks as if the book might contain some other interesting fiction on dangerous women as well.

Finally, as far as fiction goes, I got the science fiction novel, The Abyss Beyond Dreams by Peter Hamilton. I know nothing of it as of yet. However, having recently read Great North Road (also by Hamilton, and which I thought had some very solid police and detective work in it, as well as some fantastically useful futuristic/mundane invention ideas), and the Dark Between the Stars (by Anderson) I am trying to read more modern sci-fi writers. I also got a new 52 Green Lantern Corp graphic novel.

For research materials I got a new lecture series, Singers and Tales (about the history of oral tradition poets and storytellers, such as scops, bards, skalds, etc.) by Mike Drout. Drout is my very favorite lecturer on languages, literature, Anglo-Saxon, poetry, Tolkien, and English.

I got some great books on Venture Capital and Capitalism, a book on career advancement called Trajectory (looks quite useful) and I am almost finished with a book on business and career by George Anders titled, The Rare Find. I have added The Rare Find to my own personal business and non-fiction libraries.

Yesterday I also went to see the Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, and I enjoyed it but I will post on that later, not right now.

I plan to post on some of these subjects in detail but for this morning I have a very painful neck and back injury which is also very debilitating. I have had my neck and back injury since Wednesday but it has become progressively worse over the past few days. Ever since I broke my back about every six months or so, especially as the Winter weather turns cold and wet, I will suffer such an injury for about a week or so.

It has taken most all of the natural pain endurance I have to type this post and eat breakfast. So, after I finish breakfast and take a pain killer I may very well spend the rest of the day in bed.

Have a great weekend folks. And a pain-free one.


As I said in my previous post I have recently developed a new Universal Cure Plan and Protocol (a Cure Plan Template) that I have been using to treat my swollen neck and shoulder (trapezius superior). If you would like to see this Template then go here – CURE PLAN TEMPLATE

I began changing my overall health practices about two months ago after a training injury, but in the past month (today being the 20th of August, 2014) I began seriously working on a cure to this chronic swelling problem of my neck and shoulder. So I combined all of my prior treatment and cure programs for similar situations into a single program which I then used to devise my Universal Cure Plan and Protocol. Once I had that Template developed I wrote up my Cure Plan and Protocol for my neck swelling. I began this particular Cure Plan on the 1st of August, 2014.

I’ve been to more than one doctor on the matter of my swollen neck and shoulder and they cannot discover the ultimate source of the problem. I’ve inquired about several possibilities but both their tests and diagnoses have failed to prove conclusive or effective.

Finally I asked about the possibility of arthritis (I have suffered several injuries over time such as a broken collar bone, broken rib, broken elbow, broken back, and a shattered knee to name some of my injuries) causing the swelling. My assumption is that my skeletal injuries have provoked arthritis. I was assured by several doctors that arthritis could not cause such swelling but after doing my own research on the Harvard medical site I discovered that not only can arthritis trigger lymph node swelling but it is an acknowledged symptom.

My personal diagnosis now therefore is that arthritis is the most likely cause of this swelling as well as my recent ankle injury.

Nevertheless I am now 20 days into my Cure Plan. It had been very effective so far with most pain being reduced to nothing and my shoulder swelling being reduced so dramatically that it may not take the anticipated period to actually cure me. My original plan has been for a 90 Day Cure Period. I suspect now that I can achieve an effect cure within 30 days (10 days from now) and a total cure within perhaps 45 days.

Therefore as a necessary and reluctant nod to modern legal idiocy I make the following public declaration: I am not a doctor and this cure plan is not to be considered medical advice for anyone on my part. It is merely an example of how I constructed my own cure plan and the details thereof. You want a Cure Plan for whatever problem you face then do your own research, conduct your own experiments and devise a Cure Plan that works for you. As a matter of fact that is what you should do with everything in life rather than just blindly accepting the recommendations of others no matter who they are what supposed level of expertise they allegedly possess.

God curse the day any idiot uncritically and blindly takes my advice as unquestioned expertise on any matter whatsoever even if I am the universally acknowledged expert. Being skeptical and proving matters for yourself is your job, it is everyone’s job, not just mine.

That being accurately and truthfully said here are the details of my Cure Plan:


Disease or Injury: Generalized Neck Swelling (left side), Shoulder, Neck, and Back Pain

Date Treatment Begins: August 1, 2014

Date Cure (to be) Achieved: October 31, 2014

Cure Time Frame and Plan: 92 Days
First Stage: August 1-31, no Work
Second Stage: September 1-30, light Work (4 hours per day)
Third Stage: October 1-31, normal Work (6-8 hours per day) plus
Outdoor Work

Symptoms and Signs: Swollen lymph node, muscular swelling around trapezius and neck, pain under left shoulder blade, pain while sitting and typing

Countersigns: general excellent health otherwise

Possible Diagnoses: Swollen lymph nodes due to overwork, work (typing and posture injuries), exhaustion, dehydration, possible rupture to disc due to over training and swelling, bad reaction to over-training or injury, Sitting Disease, or possibly even cancer – most likely diagnosis: Arthritis.

Cure Chemical and Food and Nutrient Components and Protocol: Metaergogenics/Nutrients/Supplements 3 times per day in First Stage, 2 times per day Second Stage, and 1 time per day Third Stage, 3 Day Fast First Stage, 7 Day Fast Second Stage, 1 Day per week Third Stage, and 1 time per month after cured, honey, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, calcium/magnesium/zinc, echinacea, goldenseal, turmeric, glucosamine, valerian root, St. John’s Wort, melatonin, cod liver oil, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, aloe vera, cannabis oil (Hemp Seed oil actually), metaergogenics, metamedicinals

Cure Drink Components and Protocol: water only in first stage, water plus green tea and coffee and juice next two stages

Cure Physical Components and Protocol: Breathing Exercises 15 minutes per day, targeted stretching exercises, Hiking, Running, P90X, Warmann Training, Yoga, Tai Chi, Soccer, general rest, recovery naps, Inversion 15 minutes per day, Work outdoors/clear land/do maintenance, Warm Epsom Salt Baths, hot/cold applications, dry brushing, massage, Topical (see lotion) good posture, healthy sex, Sleep 8-12 hours daily until cured then 7-8 hours per day

Cure Psychological Components and Protocol: listening to Art and other Music, fun, relaxation, recreation, reading, travel, socializing, gaming, spending time outdoors, exploring, Vadding

Cure Spiritual Components and Protocol: Targeted prayer and meditation, scripture reading, healing meditation, optimism, laughter and comedies, social activities, ask for assistance when needed, Gratitude, Ambition, Faith in God and Cure

Test Protocol

Dated Measurements: once per week on Saturdays First Stage, once every two weeks on Saturdays second and third stage, no touch and limited examinations/observations otherwise once per week on Fridays, weigh self once per week every Sunday, Outline and Graph Affected Area for accuracy

Null or Limited Components: no sodas or processed sugars, limited processed or junk food, dehydration, exhaustion, no internet or social media or television except on weekends during Stage One, limited internet and no television on weekdays during Stages Two and Three

Testing Time Frame: 92 Days

Long Term Cure Changes: (see Signs of a Cure), limit Sitting Work to 30 to 45 minute intervals (6 to 8 times per day) followed by half hour other activities, better seating and posture while working, Fartlek style/staggered Daily Exercises and Physical Training, Hike/Walk 4 to 6 miles per day 6 days per week, Do Only One Thing at a Time, more rest, relaxation, and recreation, daily Inversion 15 minutes per day, better hydration, better nutrition, Once or more per month Fast (24 hours), Breathing Exercises 15 minutes per day, stress relief daily, prayer and meditation daily, 1 week Vacation every 3 months, annual check-ups and self-examinations, Sleep 7-8 hours per day (instead of 3 to 4 hours daily).


A little over a year ago I developed a swelling on or around my lymph node. Near the base of my neck in and around my left shoulder. Tests were done, theories conjectured (I have my own theory about possible causes), nothing conclusive was discovered, though the swelling was obvious. It would rise and fall, it became large enough at one point it made my neck ache and my trapezius muscle (the superior portion on that side) distend and swell.

Finally I had enough and decided to take my old Cure Protocols (for various illnesses), develop them into a single Cure Plan and Protocol, and to resolve this problem. As a result I now have a single Cure Plan and Protocol (Template) for every single illness or injury I have ever faced. So that was a very good result of all of this. I now have a Single, Universal Cure Plan Template.
The result (the basic Template I now use to develop all of my Cure Plans) I have posted below in the case that anyone else would like to have a Cure Plan and Protocol for any type of illness, injury, or any other type of health problem (acute or chronic) they may face. If this Plan is useful for you then good, use it well and thrive and prosper. After each category or section you will see a brief explanation of what that component entails.

Just to avoid any legal bullcrap from the overly-idiotic and simple-minded I am not a doctor and I do not offer this Cure Plan as medical advice. It is simply the general Plan of Action I use to develop my own Cure Plans.



Disease or Injury: categorize and name disease or injury

Date Treatment Begins: self explanatory

Date Cure Achieved: self-explanatory

Cure Time Frame and Plan: divide total cure time into 3 timed sections or stages of time-length as required
First Stage:
Second Stage:
Third Stage:

Symptoms and Signs: self-explanatory
Countersigns: health indications counter to defects
Possible Diagnoses: self-explanatory, include all viable possibilities
Cure Chemical and Food and Nutrient Components and Protocol: any chemical, food, or nutrient source to be used in a cure
Cure Drink Components and Protocol: any drink or beverage or liquid or liquid medicine to be used in a cure
Cure Physical Components and Protocol: any physical component or protocol to be used in a cure
Cure Psychological Components and Protocol: any psychological component or protocol to be used in a cure
Cure Spiritual Components and Protocol: any spiritual component or protocol to be used in a cure


Test Protocol: those protocols used to define and measure progress

Dated Measurements: measurements to be added to this plan at the apprpriate time as a record of progress and the date(s) the measurements are to be taken

Null or Limited Components: components of prior (bad or reckless) health behavior that are to be suppressed, nullified, or eliminated entirely
Testing Time Frame: the total time frame of testing for progress until cure is achieved, also the estimated time frame to achieve a complete cure


Long Term Cure Changes: (see Signs of a Cure) – all of the long term advantages, behaviors, changes, components, improvements, and progress that will solidify and make the Cure permanent and that will lead to greatly improved capabilities, health, and performance in the future.


Went for a half-mile run (Fartlek style – sprints, jog, little walk, sprints). Working my way back up after my back injury.

This evening before dinner I’ll do my regular training but no chin-ups or pull-ups. My back and shoulder still hurt every morning when I rise for about half an hour or so. So it may be another week or so before I attempt another set of chin-ups. Instead I’m gonna invert this week and see if that speeds my recovery.

Nevertheless I am mending pretty nicely. About 90 to 95% recovered.

So I am back at my regular work schedule.


I have learned something over the past week. Twice now I have made faulty observations on the internet. Once I looked at a picture and thought I saw something I didn’t (I was actually viewing a different type of car instead), and just yesterday I saw a comment made by one person and it was actually made by another. I apologized in both instances and that’s no big deal when it happens every now and again, after all even Holmes and Spock made occasional mis-observations. It happens to everyone. Haste, distraction, lack of full information, wrong information, lack of proper focus, these types of things work against everyone on occasion and inevitably (if not corrected or compensated for) lead to human miscalculations.

But two such mistaken observations in so short a time period out of a well-trained observer?

I am an astute and accurate observer on almost every occasion, being long trained for just that.

I have however apparently found a noticeable fault or defect in my observational skills. One which I must learn to compensate for.

By long practice going long periods of time without sleep barely effects my observational skills to any detectable degree. I have learned through habit and practice to let my focus drift easily through tiredness and exhaustion but when it is really required then to for brief periods of time sharply focus my attention on my target to compensate. Even if exhausted or having gone through long periods of sleeplessness I generally hold a certain part of my consciousness in “reserve” so that when it is needed I can call upon it to make accurate observations regardless of how tired I might be. I’ve been able to do that since I was a kid. And I’ve honed that skill over time until it is instinctive and reflexive.

When I am in pain I have over time learned to use the pain itself as a focusing and observational tool, running my observations down the length of my pain to sharpen my focus, when needed, of a person or a situation. The pain itself becomes a line of focus which will actually sharpen my observations and intensify my sensory perceptions. This is an especially useful ability when sympathizing with a victim or analyzing a crime scene from the victimological point of view. Pain allows me to sharply focus my observations along the same basic lines as how the victim must have likely viewed a situation as it occurred. So pain can actually be very useful for me as an observational tool in those types of situations.

Usually though I face exhaustion and chronic pain as separate entities or occurrences, not a sort of “combined force.”

But apparently long periods (a week or so) of chronic pain coupled with sleeplessness (in this case because my injury makes sleep difficult – I am not suffering insomnia as much as pained sleeplessness or foreshortened periods of rest) has both such a dulling effect upon my focus and such a distracting effect upon my senses that it skews my observational capabilities. Badly.

I begin to see things that are not there, or to be more accurate I tend to “displace people, actions, objects, or events from one source to another.”

Apparently this is similar in some ways to my mind fighting a two front war. One war is against exhaustion (the sleeplessness which dulls my observations), the other against distraction (the chronic pain displacing my attention and focus from one thing to another). This is the conclusion I have reached anyway and it seems a logical one to me. The evidence (of how my observational methods and skills have been recently skewed) seems to support the hypothesis.

Now, being forewarned and having made a probably accurate diagnosis as to the cause, I will need to discover a method to compensate for such a set of circumstances in the future. More rest and the reduction of chronic pain being obvious lines of resolution, however there may very well be times in the future where I face this same set of circumstances in a way I cannot immediately resolve through either pain alleviation or accumulating rest. So I should figure out a method of compensation, just to be sure.

And now that I am aware of this observational defect I am also aware of the limitations (or a chief one in any case) on my observational capabilities. Forewarned being forearmed.

Nevertheless, at the moment, I still don’t have an effective or real solution to this defect and limitation.

Maybe in time I can now devise one.

We’ll see.


Yesterday evening the wife came to me and said, “Jack, I’m going to cut the grass.”

I told her no.

She asked me why not and I said, “Cause that’s a man’s man’s job.”

Well she started in with, “I can do anything a man can do and blah, blah, blah.” I let her run with it awhile.

I took to teasing her and telling her that cutting the grass was a man’s man’s job and there was no way she could do a man’s man’s job. It would just have to wait until I healed up.

So that led to one of our typical joke arguments and finally she got the tractor keys and went out to cut grass. Not being able to do much else I stayed inside but I kept thinking about the line, “It’s a man’s man’s job,” and liked it so much that I decided to write a song using that line.

It started out as a joke song but after I got about half way through I let me daughters (and later my wife) read it and they all liked it so I decided I’d make a real song out of it.

Now that the lyrics are finished I have the music in my head as well. I’m gonna turn it into either a deep rhythm and blues song or a smoky soul song. It could go either way.



It’s a man’s man’s job
Gotta let me do my man’s man’s job

Woman, I’m a telling you
The way it’s got to be
Ain’t no use pretending
This is just a job for me

When you’re lonely
And you’re feeling down
Call me baby
And I’ll come around

You see now girl
That’s my man’s man’s job
Need to let me do my man’s man’s job

You cain’t do it by yourself you see
That’s just the way it’s always gonna be
When you’re wantin what I’m so good at
Come find me baby cause we both know that

What you needing is a man’s man’s job
What you feeling is a man’s man’s job

Ain’t no fooling ‘bout a man’s man’s job
You know I’ll do it like a man’s man’s job

(Instrumental section and solo)

Gotta let me do my man’s man’s job…

Well, I’m gonna make it all alright
Do my job so very good tonight

If you’ll let me then I’ll do the work
You just lay there baby and enjoy the perks

What ya needing is a man’s man’s job
So I’m gonna do my man’s man’s job

Cain’t nobody do a man’s man’s job
Like I can do a man’s man’s job

So hold on baby her comes ya man’s man’s job
Yeah woman I got ya man’s man’s job…

(Fade out)