This guy’s work is absolutely incredible. I can really admire someone this good at their work. I highly recommend you take a look at it.


Today is Batman’s Birthday. Since he is by far my favorite Comic Book Character I thought I’d post this nice little article on him today. See the article title for the link and additional materials.

Birthday for Batman: The Dark Knight turns 75

Check out a photo gallery of Batman comic book covers throughout the years, including the Dark Knight’s first appearance 75 years ago.

Thousands of characters, many long forgotten, were introduced to readers who plunked down dimes to buy comic books during the dawn of the industry.

Chin Lung?

Speed Saunders?

Cosmo, the Phantom of Disguise?

They all appeared in a comic book series titled Detective Comics in the 1930s.

Batman first appeared in the 27th issue of Detective Comics, published in 1939. His exploits have been published continually ever since. Though the Dark Knight possesses no “real” super powers, he does have staying power…


The season finale of Penny Dreadful was absolutely superb. I mean absolutely freaking superb!!! (I dislike Dorian Gray though. I’ve never liked that character and in the future I’ll be happy to see less and less of him.)

As good as the season finale of Game of Thrones. And the last two episodes of this year’s GOT have been even better than the Red Wedding.

TV is undergoing an astounding Renaissance. It’s not only fun to watch but some shows are an almost spiritual experience.

Speaking of which The Last Ship is also a mighty fine piece of work. It very much appeals to the pragmatist in me, not to mention that part of me that loves the Navy.

I love it!


I wonder how many people today would even know the term “Infernal Machine,” or where the term originated, or what it means…

It has, however, always been one of my favorite historical terms.

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