Universally Advantageous Human Biological State…

Is there a Universal Conditional State within the human body that naturally leads to Health? Is there a sort of Biological Universal Field Equation (only in this case it would be a biological conditional state) that even if it does not make disease absolutely impossible (be it from causes biochemical, biomechanical, congenital, environmental, genetic, mutagenic, or even pathogenic etc.), it would make disease very, very unlikely to manifest and when manifesting would make that disease easy to cure or quickly control?

I know that might seem a strange question to pose on a literary blog but my recent experience has made me consider the possibility of a Universally Advantageous Human Biological State (which makes disease very, very unlikely).

If there is such a thing then the real question then becomes, “what does this state actually look (function) like, and how is it achieved and maintained?”


A little over a year ago I developed a swelling on or around my lymph node. Near the base of my neck in and around my left shoulder. Tests were done, theories conjectured (I have my own theory about possible causes), nothing conclusive was discovered, though the swelling was obvious. It would rise and fall, it became large enough at one point it made my neck ache and my trapezius muscle (the superior portion on that side) distend and swell.

Finally I had enough and decided to take my old Cure Protocols (for various illnesses), develop them into a single Cure Plan and Protocol, and to resolve this problem. As a result I now have a single Cure Plan and Protocol (Template) for every single illness or injury I have ever faced. So that was a very good result of all of this. I now have a Single, Universal Cure Plan Template.
The result (the basic Template I now use to develop all of my Cure Plans) I have posted below in the case that anyone else would like to have a Cure Plan and Protocol for any type of illness, injury, or any other type of health problem (acute or chronic) they may face. If this Plan is useful for you then good, use it well and thrive and prosper. After each category or section you will see a brief explanation of what that component entails.

Just to avoid any legal bullcrap from the overly-idiotic and simple-minded I am not a doctor and I do not offer this Cure Plan as medical advice. It is simply the general Plan of Action I use to develop my own Cure Plans.



Disease or Injury: categorize and name disease or injury

Date Treatment Begins: self explanatory

Date Cure Achieved: self-explanatory

Cure Time Frame and Plan: divide total cure time into 3 timed sections or stages of time-length as required
First Stage:
Second Stage:
Third Stage:

Symptoms and Signs: self-explanatory
Countersigns: health indications counter to defects
Possible Diagnoses: self-explanatory, include all viable possibilities
Cure Chemical and Food and Nutrient Components and Protocol: any chemical, food, or nutrient source to be used in a cure
Cure Drink Components and Protocol: any drink or beverage or liquid or liquid medicine to be used in a cure
Cure Physical Components and Protocol: any physical component or protocol to be used in a cure
Cure Psychological Components and Protocol: any psychological component or protocol to be used in a cure
Cure Spiritual Components and Protocol: any spiritual component or protocol to be used in a cure


Test Protocol: those protocols used to define and measure progress

Dated Measurements: measurements to be added to this plan at the apprpriate time as a record of progress and the date(s) the measurements are to be taken

Null or Limited Components: components of prior (bad or reckless) health behavior that are to be suppressed, nullified, or eliminated entirely
Testing Time Frame: the total time frame of testing for progress until cure is achieved, also the estimated time frame to achieve a complete cure


Long Term Cure Changes: (see Signs of a Cure) – all of the long term advantages, behaviors, changes, components, improvements, and progress that will solidify and make the Cure permanent and that will lead to greatly improved capabilities, health, and performance in the future.

THE FOOL’S ERRAND AND THE REAL CURE – from The Book of Medicine

Treating symptoms and easing pain are entirely different things than actually curing disease. Modern medicine is very good at treating symptoms and easing pain, it is however far less effective at actually curing disease. Any competent doctor can temporarily and successfully treat symptoms and ease pain. But a Cure, a real and lasting Cure, especially of chronic ills, that requires the full cooperation and concentrated effort of both the physician and the patient.

It is a fool’s errand to think doctors cure disease. Doctors advise, doctors diagnose, doctors guide, doctors treat, but patients alone are responsible for their own Cures.

The Real Cure succeeds not because of the skill of the doctor but because of the nature of the patient.