I hope to write and post two papers today (in addition to my normal work) if I have the time: one on Syria and what we can, should, and cannot (hope to) do there, and one on self-editing (your own work).

I also, however, definitely plan to spend time working on my Philosophical Sphere and my Cosmic Egg (Theurgy), repairing the house (from the storms), clearing land, working on my novels, my new album, my start-up, and training (Body Beast).

So, we’ll see how it goes.

For now though it is time for me and Sam to go catch a hike.

I’m behind on my hiking.

Have a good day folks.


Today I had to be gone for most of the day. But yesterday I established my other blogs: LAUNCH PORT (the blog of Open Door Communicationsmy business), TOME AND TOMB (my game design blog), and I began importing my personal blog, THE MISSAL, onto the WordPress platform.

I haven’t yet made any posts to any of those blogs, I’ve only been working on their appearance, design, and structure, but I do have enough content already written that if I wished I could make one post each workday and still have about a years worth of articles to submit without any problem at all.

I expect to have each blog up and running with their first posts submitted by about the first or second week of July, 2014.

After that I begin cross linking those blogs to WYRDWEND, and then I go to work on my new business websites. By the way you’ve probably noticed that I’ve upgraded the template and improved the overall appearance of Wyrdwend as well.

I’ll keep you informed as things develop.

Thank you for your patience.