They do not long conceal their face
With deceits framed on inner lies
Who seek to promulgate their aims
With patient work and longing sighs,

Their eyes reflective in their heart
Stare dead into the endless void
Of horrors spawned by theories vast
They would see true, not ere avoid,

The softer ones, the powdered plight
Those seeming meek with cunning tongue
Plan long into the moonless night
To write in blood what they’ve begun,

It does not matter that they bow
To Tyrant Chaos and his Reign
It matters only that they grow
The death inside with bitter pain,

‘Ware those long who wrap their face
With endless craft to gild their goals
Within them they have souls erased
They long the same to you enroll.


I went to show them how I feel
Because I felt that way
Explaining nothing that they knew
Through everything they’d say
A little less a’ part than that
Was something more than not
Emotions chained me to myself
My thoughts were all in knots
Don’t wander far from what you know
Don’t sense the need to feel
A bit of magic in your show
Is still the best appeal
Between the heart that hides it all
There’s mind that hides it naught
I rarely can at best recall
Our night of peril fraught
Some demand we sing and shout
Some demand we don’t
I would like to object here
But you know I won’t
There’s now no way to tip the scales
So that they will square
You might as well just plow the seas
Or dig up all the air
But men are men and ladies too
They all just want to see
If by doing nothing else
Will come eternity
Though we know it surely can’t
Do any harm to try
Our heart says yes, our mind says no
There’s nothing to apply
So next time you wish to war
Where lines divide the two
Just remember this my friend
That line is drawn through you…