If I am ever self-obsessed
How then may I be true-possessed
By Virtues greater than myself
By powers grand, and high, and blessed?

If I am by my vices bound
How then may I my real depths sound
Or motive out what I have found
Within my soul before it drowns?

If I am timid, small, and weak
What greater thing may I then seek
What in me that is unique
That does not of the craven reek?

If I am hapless, dim, and dumb
What of depth may I then plumb
Naïve or stupid I succumb
To all that ever ill-becomes,

If I am slothful, lazy, sad
If I am wrathful, greedy, mad
If taken less than all I add
What do I gain that makes me glad?

For though I am but mortal man
I hope that you will understand
I’ll be no less than what I can
Though Stranger in the Strange, Strange Land.