Update: So last night I went out for waffles and a ding-dong. While sitting and waiting for my coffee brunch this old lady wanders by and makes like a cat caught under a washing machine. You could hear the fur fly but nobody said nothing cause it was after closing time already. Still that kinda racket really piques my pin-cushion whenever I’m within quadruple earshot. So I got up and floated outside, but upside down so nobody would notice. Once the roof was beneath my head I called out, “Hey Method Man, take out for sixteen.” But nobody came to listen. It’s like that old analogy, “if a tree falls, then what’s the best direction to be upright?” I’ve never caught that saying in the middle of nothing, so en media res is all satellite radio to me.

But seeing as that is neither here nor there, I decided it would be best to climb back down to street level, to see what all the fuss was about. No sooner had I toed up my twinkles and caught wicked pavement than the old lady shot by me like a post modern possum. “Hooray,” I said. “How long you been screaming?”

“The whole time it took me, but nobody cares.” She said without speaking. I touched my nose and she laughed in the other direction.

With that kinda market-clout I could feel what she peddled, but no closer to home, away I did run. Three good blocks later, or half a loaf will do ya, I finally hit paydirt and rang up the bill.

“Is Pink here,” I asked. “Cause I wish he was here

“Don’t we all, and whatcha mean?” asked the Russians, but pulling pushed harder, so centrifugal tickled and I had to laugh. 2 cute for Harlem, we all know the story, and I was no farther than farther along. Well, what’s a guy to do when he’s tried nothing and everything worked, but not like he figured, so he’s back to the end? That kinda thing really gets to some guys, but not me, I just kept a pluggin and hoped not to spit. More holes though went a’poppin than I could’a covered so whenever that happens I shake my stick. Now good sticks are expensive, or that’s what they tell me, but far worse than belt loops when you buy one for free.

Now as luck would have it, or maybe on purpose, I lost the old lady, but found a new boot. Since my old one was still under warranty, I ditched it in Chelsea and wore on the gum-fingers till the treading felt right. It was good that I did so, or maybe just dancing, cause ten minutes later I was early to bed. More on this last week.

But not right now. Somebody ain’t watching, and it’s already past ten…



Well, the pain of my injury has subsided to about 50% of what it was on Wednesday. I also only took two aspirin and an Ibuprofen yesterday. But I did sleep a good deal.

I got very little work done this week. I partially revised a short story, wrote a poem (When Fresh We Are) started a song, made some background notes on my novel, redesigned my business cards, did some research, read, and listened to part of two lectures (one on mathematics, one on mythology). I also made a couple of posts to my new writing blog Wyrdwend. That was it, otherwise, I was just recuperating.

I did get up this morning at about 6:30 and started my rehabilitation. I fed Sam and the cats (Alex was waiting on the west deck when I got up), went outside and did some light stretching, then took Sam for a half-mile walk (round trip – walking too far still hurts), then returned home and had some breakfast.

Then I got the wife up, cleaned my office, replaced all of the air filters in the house, and had a cup of coffee and some fresh strawberries from the farm. If I can endure it and the pain is not too bad then I plan to take no pain killers today, maybe only one aspirin before bed tonight.

The rest of the day I plan to recuperate, rehab my back and shoulder, do my chores, eat well, read, and rest.

I plan to return to my Operational Workbooks and my regular work and training schedules on Monday.

Unless the injury prevents me from my regular training exercises at which point I’ll do a light workout with some stretching.

Have a good weekend folks.