My prediction for the World Cup game today:

If Argentina wins then it will be 2-1.

If Germany wins it will be 4-1.

If it goes to a shoot out then all bets are off.

Godspeed gentlemen, give us an excellent and exciting game, and here is to no one being seriously injured (like having their back broken).


I am really, really, really looking forward to the Argentina-Germany World Cup game.

It is almost always a great game when Argentina and Germany play. I’ll be pulling for Argentina as Argentina is an American team, and the one I typically pull for in the World Cup, and I really like Messi.

However I am the first to admit that Germany is a Monster: an Uncanny Monster.

This will be an uphill slog for Argentina.


That Brazil Mexico game was extremely good. No goals, but incredible skill and amazing footwork on both sides.

The officiating was a little dicey to me and there were a coupla really rough tackles and unnecessary fouls.

The goalkeeps were what really impressed me though. Both goalies were astoundingly good – uncanny I’d even say. The Mexican goalkeeper seemed to have almost preternatural powers of anticipating where the ball would be before it got there.

I was pulling for Brazil as my South American team but Mexico acquitted themselves very well.

A performance I respected.