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In addition to being part of the One Stop for Writers street team, I’m also part of the Beta Testing Team. We got our brief from the developer, Lee Powell (who also developed Scrivener, which I, and a cadre of other writers, love an adore), last week and I’ve been poking around in the site, testing links and functions, and generally having a good time in the sandbox.

I’m having fun, and I’m excited for the launch. Here are some reasons why you might be, too:

  • If you’ve ever used the Emotion Thesaurus or any of Writers Helping Writers‘ other thesauruses (or thesauri, as One Stop calls them), you’ll love One Stop’s Thesaurus Library, comprising eleven different reference resources to help you find the right description, metaphor, or comparator for that telling detail about your character, setting, or situation. It’ll help you avoid cliché and help you come up with a…

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