Collaboration Tuesday – Second Autumn – Savage

Illustrated Poetry


Today I am so excited to present the second illustrated poem in the fall collaboration series with Ms. Kerfe Roig. Written during his time as a German prisoner of war (from 1941-1945) Mr. Savage’s poem, “Second Autumn,” was initially published in 1947 and then again in the anthology The Terrible Rain (The War Poets 1939-1945) in 1966. I came to be the proud owner of this book during a stop in Hay-on-Wye while on my Welsh hiking trip (click here for a trip down blog post memory lane). When Kerfe let me know that this collage included a fair bit of stitching, I knew it would be amazing – and I was right. I think Mr. Savage’s words and Ms. Roig’s collage together speak in the here and now of displaced peoples around the world who find themselves under a strange sky. Collage by Kerfe Roig (to see her art and process on a daily…

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