Why we Don’t Live in the Future: A #BackToFutureDay Post

A Pilgrim in Narnia

star wars posterI am too young to have seen Star Wars in the theatres. In any case, being humble rural folk, I couldn’t afford the movie ticket and parental bribe needed to get “to town.” That’s also why I missed ET, and only got to see it on the big screen about five years ago at a community fundraiser.

How poor were we in the 1980s? We didn’t even own a VCR! Remember those? Once in a while my family rented a VCR—that’s right, rented the whole machine—and a few tapes. We would movie binge on the weekend with popcorn cooked in a wretchedly burnt and perpetually greasy pot while my sister curled up on my mother’s lap and my dad let me sip the head off his homemade beer.

Movie nights were great times for us. But we as kids felt left behind as the cables for 57 channels of awesome hung from…

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