Imagine a World: A Conversation with Illustrator Rob Turpin

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Rob Turpin uses line, form, color, and imagination to create the fantastical cities, landscapes, and spacecraft found on his blog, This Northern Boy. We asked him about his artistic influences, his drawing process, and how he got started putting pen to paper.

Tell us a little bit about how you got into drawing.

Rob Turpin Rob Turpin

I’ve always drawn — from a really young age, I’ve just loved drawing.

At primary school in the UK, I was the kid that drew. I was fine at everything else, but drawing was my thing. It stayed that way through high school, too — regardless of what else I was into, I always drew. I’d draw sci-fi or fantasy stuff, spaceships and aliens, orcs, and dragons.

When I went to college to study graphic design, the illustration sessions interested me most. If I’d had more confidence in my ability then, maybe I’d have…

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