Many things have occupied my attention and mind of late. Not least the sorry state and fate of my nation.



We are wrecked on raging seas
The world it is now lost
Our country, once a paradise
Is now a tempest tossed
Fire in the eyes of man
Murder from their hands
Terror steeped in blood and death
O’er floods our lands

Men seek violence as their aim
Violence turns them back
Those so wounded, blind and lame
Are all alike attacked
Reason has no weight to move
Impulse is unchained
Wisdom lost, or exiled long
Goes about unnamed
Injury for wrong returned
Is gifted to us all
Slavery thus vengeance borne
Is Justice so forestalled
We do not seek to understand
What we can best attend
We rather long to burn alike
Among our common sins
Manipulated, one and all
No one questions self
Grievance grows, our spite enthroned
As if some treasured wealth
No one hopes to end it all
Just to play the game
Until that time when all is lost
Except for loss and pain
Failure is the afterbirth
Of long aborted hope
Deception is the albatross
That hangs about our throats
We are wrecked on raging seas
The world it is now lost
Perhaps we can to better shores
But how, and at what cost?
Some shout, “this way!”
Some cry, “here!”
Most swim as currents flow
Is there a port to shelter them,
Or do they even know?

Tossed by waves on reckless seas
It’s hard to sight your mark
For once lost on the oceans deep
There is no saving Ark
Yet far away, as true as souls
Who’ve given up their fears
There is a Kingdom, vast and sure
That does not drown in tears
Men did not build it
Yet they’re there
The ones who threw away
The ballast of their sins and wrongs
The clutching to their hates;
The ones most free of bitterness
The ones who swam the Gulf
To follow He who sailed alone
To sound the depths of trust
If only we, our selves resolved
Might yet attempt the same
Then we might reach a different world
Wholly different framed, but
Weighted with our worldly cares
Which could not float a Fish
We’ll never reach a port so safe
No matter what we wish
(Bated by the things we’ve dared
We could not navigate                                           ALTERNATE STANZA 17
A better man, in better lands,
Or all our vices sate)
For we are wrecked on raging seas
This world it is now lost, and
We are drowning, just like it
In waves all tempest tossed;
Yes, we are drowning
Just like it
Because we’re surely lost…

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