I met a Geek
He said to me:
“I do not understand, the warp and woof,
The weaving round, the measure of your plan…”

I did not doubt him
Not a bit
He seemed so quite sincere, I thought him
Rankled and confused, the progeny of peers,

So I gave him
Naught a word
To see what he would say
Imagine to my shock and awe
He answered anyway (right away) –

In his head, and in his mind
As deep as he could conjure
Many questions lingered long
Puzzles still to ponder

How could this man
By reckless plan
Deign to reblog this?
Has he never had a life?
Explain! I must insist!

The Geek thought thus
“I must pursue”
My time’s too chaste to waste
The thought of something I know not?
So ripe for rich debate!

Oh little Geek, oh little Geek
How your worries wear
Conundrums deep and wonders steep
They harry you with cares!

As for me, well, I just laughed
The thought that you would wonder (wander)
Upon the internet so vast
So many hoards (hordes) to plunder

But if you must
Just know my heart
To reason out my plan,
Well here it is,
All warts and all,

I did it ‘cause I can!

One thought on “I MET A GEEK


    Last night I reblogged a post on a Batman video game. Two Geeks, one code-named CartmanBrah, couldn’t seem to understand that idea and got very upset by the principle. Both seemed to think I had no life because I had dared to reblog the post (apparently this violated some rule of youthful internet Geekery to which they are both loyal subjects).

    They couldn’t fathom how I could violate such a sacred precept of internetery. So to set their minds at ease I wrote a reply to both but addressed it to CartmanBrah. I hope it will allay all their future fears:

    I can only speak for myself of course, Man-Bra, but here’s my answer:


    Thank you very much for your interest, and as always, stay Geek.


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